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We bought a 27 foot pool for right under $10,000 on 6/15/2017 and its 7/5/2018 and i have a really bad leak. After seeing water puddling up and filling it back up 3x i got in the pool to see if i had a leak well found 3 places were REALLY sharp rocks had been left under the bottom and found 1 place on the wall that was not covered properly so from the top to the bottom the liner is pressing against all the screw heads and is a matter of time before they cause a leak.

When installed we had to reschedule 3x due to blue worlds BS and being told crazy excuses but ok when the installer got here it was late that night and he tells me i can't put it on the place we (the salesman) decided to put it if i did it would cost a few more thousand to put it there. So ok we worked together and found another place to put it which meant i was going to lose 5 fruit trees that i had planted a few months before. We him and his son finally installed it in the dark at night because after talking to him he had met a woman down here so he didn't show until a little before dark for 2 days cause he was "spending" time with her. Well he was in a hurry to get back to Louisiana to his girlfriend.

So he set it up at night wonder if that's the reason the rocks were left and the sand wasn't put over them right and wall not put up right. Well he woke up so he could start driving back to Louisiana that night. Me trying to be patient and trusting in a company signed the paperwork and tried to look it over with flood lights shining. Well about 3 days later when it was full of water i started it up only to find out it had a small leak on the pipe connector on the return water i called the guy that installed it and told him i explained were it was and he told me to go to Walmart and get some silicone and fix it myself so he wouldn't have to come all the way back up here to fix it i was fine with that cause it was a small leak and he was in Louisiana so hard to say how long it would be before he came back.

I called to see about getting it fixed or replaced today 7/5/2018 but i was told if I REPLACE THE LINER IT WILL COST ME A LITTLE UNDER $1000!!!! Really i paid almost $10,000 cash not even a full 13 months ago and because of poor very poor installation i have to pay another $1000 just for the liner not sure how much it would be to get it put in. The were quick to give me a military discount and i haven't been able to work for 2 years now to back and neck issues my doctor at the VA told me to move around in my pool as much as possible to try to help my back well guess i could walk around in a empty pool sure that would do me good. I have had no income at all for 2 years only income coming in is my wife's but that's my issues not theirs.

But a company should stand behind their products and THEIR installations. IF YOU ARE A VET OR EVEN IF YOUR NOT STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM BLUE WORLD POOLS. .. PLEASE LEARN FROM MY LESSON.

The worst company to deal with all around. My next step is to call BBB and contact a lawyer to see if i have a case.

If anyone reads this and is a lawyer please e-mail me at thanks and good luck to all

Product or Service Mentioned: Blue World Pools Swimming Pool Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I made an appointmrnt for sakes rep to come to home@ 830p monday 5/20/19....calked back& onchat told them i want it canceled...even havin hard time doing that....I have family emergency goin on....Dont need pool right now....but to even cancel tgey connected ne 4 different ppl still acted lije they didnt hear me...wanted me hold....I say again just want rep not to come ty...Pray all get their money& blue worldpool stop scamming ppl.

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