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Not to mention so many different things you have to do to keep this pool blue. If he covered it up all year used to for a couple of days covered it back up that be fun but that's not the case.

We had a $8,000 offer for a pool for size 24. Now after that we decided power line was too close so we went to 21ft round all before ordering was complete. Then my boyfriend had an emergency with pains in his stomach went to the hospital and as soon as I found out it was colon cancer period stayed in the hospital to have surgery. All while this was going on I was a temporary signer on the contract.

When I talk to the lady at Blue World Pools about faxing new contract including a 21-foot round instead of a 24-foot round I asked her if the price was going to change and she said no everything was still the same just signed the contract. Well I did for my boyfriend. Several years later we noticed at least $5,000 was added to the contract and we were not aware. Well when we called for the payoff after 4 years of paying $229 a month ,we found out we had paid $9,000 in and we still 8 or $9000.

So now they say we should refinance through a bank. My boyfriend's been sick for the last 4 years for something or another regarding surgeries and accidents. And before that it was me with surgery every year. Well they screwed us first of all I shouldn't never been able to sign the contract especially while he was in the hospital it should have been put on hold.

Because I am not on the deed to the home and we were not married. Second of all she lied about the contract not changing the price just changing the size of the pool which was downsized. Are constantly cleaning algae out of this pool. Spend a lot of money on chemicals feel like we're being duped by the chemical store to and just can't seem to get one summer out of it.

Both of our bodies need rehab and need this pool.

I don't know what to do but I want to get this settled somehow and nobody wants to talk to his down there at the office. They always take all the finance department and we always do and they say you upgraded bsbsbs

Product or Service Mentioned: Blue World Pools Swimming Pool Installation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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