As an ex-employee of Blue World Pools, I can tell you that not only do they scam their customers, they also scam their employees.They send you all over the countryside running appointments to customers who they've already run a credit check on??!!

However, it's a little fishy (Kevin Fisher) that all the deals end up as in house finance deals which means the customer is paying upwards of 24% interest and the employee's commission ends up being zilch. If you run appointments where you have to travel for the company, they will send you a per-diem advance to pay for lodging and food and (very) little gas. When you get back home thinking your commission check should be waiting, there's none to be found and when you contact the boss(es)--Kevin Fisher or Mike, they magically are out of the office when you call and NEVER call you back.

So far, I have not seen any commission other than a piddly "tip" check, but with over 10X that amount in commissions still owed me!!Kevin Fisher and his underlings are scam artists!!


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They are a rip off company and they are a scam and they just try to take your property without you knowing it


Our pool has been great, in fact the installer was short a crew member and hired my son. He worked for him all summer and made good money. My pool has been crystal clear since it was installed last summer.


I cannot imagine a company like Blue World Pools not paying their employees.We had contact with several employees during our purchase and installation and repairs, and no one complained about getting paid.

Sounds like a disgruntled employee, not a scam company.I have no complaints at all.


We had always wanted a pool.We love swimming and wanted our kids to have something to do in the summer.

We called Blue World Pools and the rep came out and have a great presentation for all the benefits of getting a pool. A little while later the pool was installed and we were able to start enjoying it the next day.

The kids love it and were in it almost every day the rest of the summer.Getting a pool from Blue World was a great decision!

to Anonymous #1344502

You love paying 4 to 8 times the price on a pool ?? The pool is a 3500.00 value..not 18k..15k.



I dealt with both the in home sales person and the Corporate agent, wiht made it most direct and highly effective to purchase our pool.We found that the best deal was a cash transaction, which yielded a few perks to sweaten the deal.

We enjoy our fun in the outdoors with this pool, from Blue World Pools, and it fits our natural sourroundings quite well!The warranty made it practically headache free, and we definitely prefer ionization filters instead of using lots of chlorine.

Humble, Texas, United States #1051853

Extremely pleased with the ease of maintaining this pool! Instead of spending time cleaning the pool, we have actually spent time using the pool.


I am not sure about this part of the process, but I know everything went smoothly with my Sales Rep and he seemed to be quite pleased with the sale when he left. I paid cash so he should get his full commission I believe. In any case, I love my pool and everything went very smoothly and I couldn't be happier!


We bought our pool from blue world pools.So far so good.

No big maintenance to it.

We have enjoyed it so far.I hope we continue to enjoy it to many years to come...


I don't know about working for them but my install crew was amazing

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