I also had Blue World Pools co. pulling my credit report without my permission.

Not only one time but twice in the same week. These people I think can help you. Amy Sams, Financial Investigator from the Attorney Generals Office in Jacksonville, FL 904-348-2720. ALSO file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I did that but they would not take the inquiries off of my report but they do need to know what is going on. The response from Blue World Pools was pretty much the Fair Credit Report act lingo that I feel is just a loop hole for them to hide behind.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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After purchasing the pool and trying to refinance our home we found out that we were scammed. Now we will probably loose our home.

I want to get rid of Blue World Pools, but can't seem too. It seems as though they have every loop hole, every detail covered.

I don't want anyone to have to go through what we are going through. We've been duked.





If you have a legitimate problem with the sales contractor, the pool/product, financing, or installation contractor please call me at 1800 706 0907 ext 3031 Sean. I can help ease your concerns and address all issues you may have. Please call so I can help


Oh yeah this company is the biggest pain in the you know what! I had the whole free upgrade thing too.

NO Pool YET!! Since the beginning of July. They tell me they have up to 120 days to install a pool. WHAT?!

I don't think so summer is almost over, I depended on these people and got screwed. I wish I knew about all this bull. I never would of done this. I filed a complaint with the FTC in Georgia and Florida they are both going after them.

If you want to get on board go to www.myfloridalegal.com. I called and found out they have a big suit against them. I'm burning up inside because my kids were doing great in their little cheap pool but I just had to have something nicer and bigger for the whole family. I hope these guys get exactly what they deserve.

Did anyone speak to a guy named Miles in installation? Please contact me everyone needs to band together and bring these guys down.

Don't let them get hold of any new customers. Email your local news stations like I did let them be known for the crooks they are!!

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