I purchased a pool from Blue World 6 years ago that was suppose to be 28' round, now that my liner is unusable and I have been trying to replace the parts, Blue World is the only company that can provide me with the type of liner for the certain height wall that they sold us.

I have tried approximately 13 times in 4 days to find someone there to talk to me about this and you have to leave a message, and I tried 3 times in a row yesterday to have a live chat from their website only to be disconnected all 3 times after they said to call the 800 number.

I have only spoke to someone in the service dept. 1 time and I told him that someone locally had given me an estimate of $1000.00, and I asked him to explain the warranty on my liner that was suppose to be for 20 or 25 years. He would not discuss the warranty with me and said that I needed to go with whoever gave me the estimate because his price would be much higher.

My pool was pitched to me as a "chemical and maintenance free" pool. TOTAL LIE! donna37@centurytel.net

Location: Pell City, Alabama

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I have received similar customer service from Blue World Pools. They are all lovey dovey when they want you to post a good comment about them, but try and get something from them... please


Dealing with Blue World pools has been a nightmare! We wanted a pool to enjoy and this has been the worse experience of our lives.

They are the worst customer service people I have ever dealt with! They are the rudest people and quick to call you a liar, when they are in fact the ones that lie. I have found it better and cheaper to buy blue world pool products on Amazon. Blue World Pools is a scam and I wish I never in my life met them!

They don’t return calls and the insurance hahaha is a bigger scam! Never the same story and never agree to help or offer assistance!


Iwas told 3 different ways to take care of my pool the water never clear liner has hole in it when I call they told me I need to find the hole if I didnt have money to pay for them to look for it and then pay for different people to come fix liner so would cost up to 2000 to fix with warranty never would recommend them service people are not nice when you asking for help


This place sucks ! The bully tactics are beyond hilarious


I agree with the writer. My experience was we purchased a 27 foot round and when they arrived tried to install a 24 foot pool and charge us same price.


I have the same exact problem!!!! BLUE WORLD POOLS IS A RIP OFF!!!!

I have one of there 28' round pools also that needs a liner & a couple of siding pieces that have holes in them due to a contractor (painting my house) put there with his paint rollers & they won't talk to me about this either!!! their pools are total junk!!!!


I had the same issue, I did find parts at Inyo pools, they are great and very helpful.


I need a new liner I have the 27 ft pool. Which Liner did you purchase?


The classic


I as well bought a blue world pool my first mistake was believing them. We told them we could not afford the price so we decided to buy the mid line pool for 7,000.00.

After they tore my yard all up then they wanted to do the paper work only to find out that they only brought the classic pool. we said no that was not we ordered so they told me it would be at least two months before they would come back. I should have said thanks for preparing my yard for the pool I will go buy now. But like the fool I am I went ahead and bought the classic pool for 11,000.00.

I will say the guy who put it in did not do it right and without me even having to complain the company called and asked how they did for about all he had installed had to be redone. they did come back and reinstall our pool and did a good job. We have had no problems with our pool this is the third year now. I also got a hold of the rude VP when trying to refinance our home and us not knowing that the pool would show up as a 2nd morgage.

Guess we should have read better that stack of papers I just needed something stating that we had never been late on a payment something they said would only cause a lein to be placed on our home. We was going to refi our home and pay the pool off but the VP smart ellic kept telling me I was wanting somthing I still have not a clue what he was talking about I guess from us having to pay for the pool. Crazy he kept hanging up on me And I kept telling him we are just refinancing our home and wanting to pay the pool off. so I finaly had to have the morgage company call and get that info faxed to them.

He was very rude kinda like I got your money now ***. I would not recomend this company at all. They was misleading and pretty much held us hostage having tore my yard all up and then saying 2 months before they would be back if I did not buy the classic pool after we had agreed and ordered the midline. Other than the comapany I love my pool.

Very little maintance I do have to buy 2 ionizer chamber replacements a year at 160 dollors a piece. That being said my pool stays clean as long as I do like they told me and put 2 gallons of clorox a week in the pool.

wait I thought this was a cemical free pool LOL. over all happy with my pool and just pray nothing goes wrong for I have dealt with them already enough to know they would not stand behind there pool


So did you just have to pay off your contract to get the lien off? I just signed with these people and I am scared to death.

I haven't received the pool yet but I am calling to cancel today.

I know they have a clause in contract that i have to pay 50 percent if i cancel before installation. Again how to you get rid of them or are you still dealing with the company


They will not let you cancel.... they will put you on hold and you would not get anyone until the limitation to cancel has expired.

This was awful.

But all in all the pool is nice and thank God my husband can replace parts and do different things to keep me from spending so much money. The company is a rip off and to anyone buying do not I repeat do not sign anything.


OMG!!! That's sad to hear.

I was thinking about getting a pool from this company as well and was go get the $299 pool & the price when up to 18,000 for the middline pool and went to 10,000 that nothing what the commerical says!!

So I had to think about it and after reading the comments I will not be getting a pool from this company.The commerical are very miss leading. The salesmen was streotying and that pissed me off and Had a lot to do with my decision as well and the comments.


We have had our Blue World Pool for 2years and have not had any issues. I have not had any problems with customer service either....

and I hope I don't. We all are not kids here and you should always know there is a bait to get them in the door. I had reservations about some of the items in the contract but its really like any other purchase or loan from the bank with the high interest rates and your house as collateral. The best thing you can do is try and pay it off asap to really keep down the cost.

I also didn't like that if you elected to go with the 399 pool they had to install it but we would have to get the land escavated and if it wasn't down properly they would not warrantee their product. I thought that was a straight railroad into the more expensive product...now that part was not fair.

Once you recognize the game and you continue you are a willing participant and so were we. Good Bless everyone.


We just went thru the whole bargaining process with the nicest person from Blue World...1st (red flag) this deal is only good for today! @nd red flag we went from 20,000 and told them no way they went to 15,000 we still said no we just cant do it, down to 10,000. We really thought this was a great deal ...this was yesterday how do we stop the process we are in the 1st of the 3 days to change our mind. PLEASE ANYONE!




I also bought a BlueWorld Pool, which they tried to sale to me for $16,000....but then changed my mind, in the alloted time and faxed the cancellation. A month later I got a phone call, asking me if I knew my contract was still active.

We went round and round, they threaten me with a lien on my house etc....I said fine, I didnt' care...so finally they offered the pool at $12,400...i gave in..worst mistake I ever made. Can't get any help...took over 3 weeks for someone to come out and put up the ladder and no service since...


so,,,,we're all waiting. Did they help?


I was switching my pool over from a chemical system to an ionized system. I received the wrong part and called to talk to someone about purchasing the write part which I was willing to pay for.

I got connected with Jim in the service department who then started to be very rude and yelled at me. I asked to talk to a supervisor and he stated he was the vp of the company. Customer service is not something this company stands by.

I would never recommed blue world pools to anyone due to the harsh treatment by the so called vp. I will spread the word.


1 800 706 0907 ext 3031, Sean Warren.Call him, he is pretty good listener at Blue World Pool, I think he is one of the owners.


Blue World Pools needs to be sued!!! I bought the 27 foot round pool and have had nothing but issues trying to maintenance it.

Now when the pump is turned on, it shoots nothing but white foam into the pool and we cannot get it cleared up. When calling the company, I'm told to follow the instructions that was given to me when it was purchased.

When I tell them I have followed the instructions, I'm told they will have someone call me back. Needless to say I haven't talked to anyone because no one will call me back.

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