I first tried contacting them through online chat. Nobody says hello.

They say "were are you located" then if its not were they work they say we cant help you and disconnect. It is very unprofessional. There was no sorry or anything. I then call and the guy on the phone was the same way.

If they dont offer it in my area then why are there commercials in my area. I don't even have a problem with it not being in my area, my problem is with the rude staff they have.

Doesnt make any sense. Probably a good thing though, it sounds like a scam.

Location: Toledo, Ohio

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Yes, everything that is written buy consumers here is true. I worked for them for 2 weeks until I found out how they were treating the customers. They can't keep good employees, that's why it takes so long for them to make/keep the appointments.

They also have a full-time person who's only job is to answer all bad press and internet complaints to make it appear as though they are a legitamate, good company. They buy new website addresses all the time to refute all allogations

and put bogus info on it to make it sound legit. Horrible company with too much money to fail.

They are a terrible company that has already been banned in a number of states, including Georgia, their H.O. location. That should tell you something about their business practices.

They also hide behind a Nevada address that is known to be difficult to access to help you run out of the 3 day cancellation period, so you'll be stuck with the pool and contract.

They sell pools for 6-8 months and then go into the real estate business the rest of the year due to the liens placed on property.


I'm sure you would want to help someone with an above ground pool for $21,000.00 that normally sells for under $5,000.00 at any other Large Pool Companies!!!


I apologize for your inconvenience you must have been out of the company's service area. If I can give you any recommendations or information about pools please do not hesitate to contact me at 1 800 706 0907 ext 3031. I will most definitely help you in any manner possible.

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