I WORKED FOR THEM AND YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH AN ACT OF CONGRESS TO GET YOUR PAYCHECK I WILL NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS WORK FOR THEM AGAIN I NEED SOMEBODY TO INVESTEGATE THAT COMPANY AND GET IT CLOSED DOWN MAYBE THEY CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT I DONT SEE HOW THEY CAN I GUEST THEY DONT THINK GOD is watching but he is they will have to answer for that but as for me i will never ever work for them in a million years *** will freeze over before that please some one any one invest that company. help

Monetary Loss: $500.

Store Location: Alexandria, Louisiana

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I have been working with Kerry Spry for years now and have been paid on time and have made a great deal of money working in a business I knew nothing about until I met Kerry Spry. He patiently showed me the ropes and taught me everything I know.

With his instruction I went from being a broke single parent trying to figure out ways to feed my children and keep a roof over their head to a brand new home and doing great for me and my family. I work four months a year and love what I do. And I have Kerry Spry to thank for all of my success. I never once in all the years I've worked for Kerry Spry had a problem getting paid.

Thanks Kerry for this great opportunity. You're the best!


You are ridiculous.

You're complaining about $500...if that's all you were owed then you either didn't work much or shouldn't be in sales. Don't blame the company for your shortcomings.


I've made great money working with Kerry Spry. It's been a long season and I'm really looking forward to the long break.

But there's still plenty of time left in the season and lots of money still to be made. Thanks for the opportunity Kerry.


You all can say whatever you want. I read this and laughed because without a doubt working with Kerry Spry has been an absolute pleasure.

He may come across a little tough when you speak to him at first but the more you speak to him the more you realize he's simply straight to the point and then finished. And I've made a great deal of money working for him as an Independent Contract Recruiter and have a lot of other people. And after working with him for as long as I have there are two things I know for sure...

1. If you learn what he's trying to teach you, you'll do really well in the recruiting business.

2. You can make a lot of money working with Kerry Spry.

Feet up. Bills paid.

Family happy. Commas in my bank account.

Looking forward to the off season. And laughing at your amateur comments.


Kerry Spry is an *** That's all I have to say. He is so full of himself, and if you try to get an answer out of him and he doesn't want to answer, he will make you out to be a ***.

The money is there to be made if you can deal with his attitude and self righteousness. Good luck to anyone that has to deal with him.


I answered an ad today to become a "recruiter" and this guy Spry is one twisted piece of work! LOL He's just a fast-talking, say-nothing *** artist.


This guy is an absolute scam artist!!! He has to "look into" every recruit to send my pay?

Tells me nothing I say matters? He is a rude, egotistical ***!

This has got to stop! Anyone else wanting to joint file a small claims suit contact me via reply to this asap.


Learn how to spell, dude.


As an installer for Blue World Pools, Inc. for I can promise you that installers for Blue World Pools, Inc. always get paid, daily in fact. And in my business life (which has been lots and lots of years), I have never heard of any one ever complaining about being paid $125.00 for simply faxing over copies of important documents. :upset Coo coo! Coo coo!

Having pointed out that this complaint was made by a completely unreliable and wacky source, I'll address a few more things from comments and the original post as well and then leave this strange and in my opinion, "suspect" conversation alone.

If you're paying $200 for sand then you're having it delivered and you're paying way too much (your mistake). Installers pick up the sand from local landscaping companies and pay no more than $45-$140.00 (depending on what area of the country you're in) at the most.

Also, the $75.00 you we're paid for traveling "200 miles" is a per diem specifically paid to cover the cost of a hotel (which is more than fair). In addition, if installers are asked to travel 200 miles to an installation (which every installer agrees to do before accepting these positions), installers are also paid mileage in addition to a flat rate for being over/under 100 miles which ultimately puts installers ahead for travel.

Finally, installers agree to allow Blue World to withhold $75 per pool (again, before accepting this position), so if an installation does not meet Blue World Pools, Inc. high standards, service and repairs can be made with or without the original installer. Do a great job and you always get that money returned to you at the end of the pool season.

Installing pools for Blue World Pools, Inc. is a "no brainer". You should consider yourself fortunate to have the opportunity. Especially during times like these where general contractors, pool installers, etc... have almost no work at all. I have never once had a problem with pay or checks bouncing or anything and as far as I know, installers are the only contractors in the entire nationwide company who get paid daily.

But suit yourselves. You not installing pools leaves more pools for the rest of the installers. And any installer will be happy to hear that.

In closing, I would like to thank Blue World Pools, Inc. for working so hard for customers and contractors alike to have a wonderful experience while working with you in any capacity. Working with Blue World Pools, Inc. has been the greatest and most reliable experience of my lifetime and I again thank you.


I have installed my last pool for your company . The people out here busting our butts for you are getting nothing in return .

It srarts from the TOP and works its way down . Kerry Spry is a joke . He lies about everything trying to get a person too come install pools . I feel used by your company .

I have traveled 200 miles between pools and the compensation is $75.00 . I duscussed all of this with Mario Tyson , his words were " I HAVE 50 OTHER GUYS TOO PUT POOLS IN , DEAL WITH IT " Well I am going too deal with it . I have a truck and a bobcat that I am not going too wear out so you can g et rich . All the pools I have installed , we put in with integrity , and great workmanship .

You have installers like "PETE " THAT DO *** WOR.K AND YOU THINK HE IS GOD " !!!! You sell a sub stanard product for the cost of a inground pool . YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW REMEMBER THAT !! .

You go after people who dream of a pool , live weekly, and van not afford a pool . I have went too four jobs for BWP , same story from everyone . I agree with the original poster . It takes a act of congress too get money from you .

All this "FAXING" of paperwork before you get paid is a joke . All for $125.00 . You hold back $75.00 on each pool , total BS . And the installer has too pay for materials to build yoir pool .

Places sometimes sand cost over $200 . All plumbing and pavers another $30-40 dollars . And then labor and machine cost . Profit equals zero dollars .

Mr. Warren , wake up buddy and deal with all the major problems you have .

That pedastal you stand on , you will be knocked off . And it will happen !!!!


Blue World Pools, Inc. has never in the company's 30 year history kept any independant contractor's money EVER. I will be more than happy to check on the possiblitly that money is owed to you if you call me at 1 800 706 0907 ext 3031, Sean Warren.


Hi sean you still work fow bwp

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