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How can I fax legal paperwork

In 2017 I filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy. I have always paid and have never not paid my account with blue world pool.

Our bankruptcy was discharged November of 2018. I have the discharge paperwork and have asked for a fax number which I am repeatedly told no one will talk with me. I am selling my home and need the pay off amount to give to the title company. That is the hold up and I have asked the attorney to contact blue world as well.

They asked for a fax number which I am refused. This has been extremely frustrating and it is stopping the sell of this house.

1 answer
As stated at, Blue World Pools fax is (800) 358-****. You may also send the legal paperwork to the corporate address:
Blue World Pools 120 Interstate North Parkway SE Suite 426 Atlanta, Georgia 30339 United States


I would like to settle this

by Amanda C Vfx

This is Amanda Duckworth “chandler “ I want to know how much we can settle this for ??? So I can get the lien off of my house

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I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy and blue world pools is lart of the bankruptcy but i cant get anyone to help

by Denise M Piu

I was told that blue would pool sold my account but wouldn't say who and i was never informed, i cant get them to send a release to the courthouse what do i do?

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