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We got a 24 feet pool last year it took 3 months f ou r th er m to finilly come and set the pool up. After a week ut was a nightmare.

The poo) was so unlevel and the linner was a mess and last thing their are 4 or more th rocks in the bottom of pool. Now all that said were still waiting on someone to come and fix it. It's been almost a year and still no one. Well finally got a call today but the guy s as id he couldn't give us a date nor time.

So that all beening said we have been lied to so many times from this company its a shame.

Iv got a new pool and my grandsons cant even go swimmimg this is BS. Tird of all there lies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Blue World Pools Swimming Pool Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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salesman came to our home to sell us a pool we wanted a 399.00 pool wouldn't let us have least of pools of 399.00 we saw this on tv commercial he suggests a price of 19,000 we said no so he calls blueworld put higher up on to give us a better deal if became a showcase pool for them it would go to 15000 and then we put 2,000 made 13,000 and 278 a month he asked for paper showing we owned property he said it was only to make sure we own the property is why they needed it but was not they put a lien on the property just as soon as paper got to the company we never got paper when salesman left with it all we only sign for price and amount of payment nothing else we did sign on the paper for price and was only told about 3 days to cancel all we told we did all they asked sign agreement on price that's all the salesman said he had to go email paperwork to office be back never did the salesman left with our paperwork when i tried to we where told 3 days to cancel we tryed for 3 to 5 days with no reply or hang up on me call them for 5 days couldn't get anyone till the 5 day and i told her we have been trying to cancel by calling only number we had a female told all is canceled and we would get our deposit back called next day to make sure it was canceled a man the supervisor for blueworld told me it was too late now we had our three days to cancel told him i talked to women the day before she said it was all good and canceled i told him pull the phone call and listen he said not all calls are recorded and he said read your contract i told him salesman never left it got all our stuff and contract and i told him salesman never left it got all our stuff and contract and said he was going to car to email it and be back he left so we had no paperwork to know how to cacel till pool came and we told we would be sued if didn't go through with it we never knew we had a 23 percent finance charge till paperwork came with pool there was no way to know how they except you cancel i found it is by mail the only way the only thing i had was a number and market agreement on showing pool so when we done we pay 40,000 for a 7,000 pool and all the web people are locked in a 144 day pay we are too at 278.00 a month PLEASE if anyone out there can HELP email is stonegillard@hotmail.com this is what happen after we had to take the pool We had one of their pools installed 05/09/2019. After about 2 weeks in it was unlevel.

Had caved in spots around the pool and sand. Called had a tech out they told Blue World it was unlevel. Need to reinstall it so we had pool reinstall. A week later same thing going on.

Had a different tech out, told Blue World it was unlevel and the caved spots and screws were removed from ladder from the last install could have went bad. The 3 tech we need to reinstall again. They put pavers blocks which did help some the unlevel but still have sand in bottom and caved spots. They have treated me like I'm to blame for my issues.

I paid 2,000 down and have made all payments. The pool is 15,000 dollar pool. I have had it for 3 months. They say it our ground is why we have sand in pool because the ground is dirt but I'm trying to understand.

We were asked to cover pool and run pool filtration to see so we did. A day and a half, it started getting windy so I texted the tech. Told him. He said take off and see.

We did very carefully did and there was still sand. I did vacuum before I covered it so tell how that can be from my ground. I asked to be taken out of my contract. They said no.

I want because the pool is not good. I tried to get them to see it was not working. They treat their customers wrong and very rude. You can't get nowhere when talking to them.

I'm so disappointed in this company. I'm Just want out of contract is all.

PLEASE. we need out they i have made all my payment we tried to refinance we cant they have a lien on our property and they said if don't pay or try close our account they can foreclose on property to get there money we had to sign an arbitration agreement that didn't get signed till 5/9/19 we had to because they threaten suing for their money

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