PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT IN THE CONTRACT.The information in the the contract is the complete opposite of what the sales representative tells you.

The sales representative and the commercial advertising is very misleading. My husband and I signed a contract and later decided it was a huge mistake. We were told we would finance $10,500; however, the paperwork showing finance charges and interest rates would not be available for 2 weeks. How is this and we only have 3 business days to cancel a contract that requires a written statement to be received in the Nevada office?

This statement must be received by then, NOT POSTMARKED BY THEN. This means they have a right to charge you the max interest rate for your state along with whatever for financing. You could end up paying more than $20,000 FOR A $3,200 POOL!!! When you call to follow up on a cancel request, that's when it gets real!

They are so rude and defensive especially Kathleen in the Finance Dept. Out of this huge corporation there is only one man to approve cancellations, KEVIN FISHER, who hides behind his staff avoiding calls until you threaten ATTORNEY! This place is very unethical and does bad business. It is sad for someone to spend their days ripping hard working Americans off - how do they sleep at night?


We were able to consider our contract null and void and don't have to deal with BLUE WORLD POOLS for the rest of our lives because it would have definitely been a lifetime nightmare!

Location: Lombard, Illinois

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