Sold over a dozen midline pools, also took calls for an agent who quit was promised expenses, never got a single dime no commission was ever paid. When to each house saw pools were there and installed.

When I wrote the office and called they laughed about it. We also had to call from inside each clients home to prove we were at the appointment. Wonder how they manage that now with few land lines and everyone has a cell. They ask to speak to home owner when Blue World is the deceptive one.

Drove all over the state hours each day huge gas expense, not to mention cell phone, printing postage, wear and tear on vehicle.

The Attorney General in several states has banned them from doing business. Read the contract they can put a lien on property.

Reason of review: no paid commissions or expenses.

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This is complete bologna! If this person or any other person claims to have not been paid on ANY money contact me directly, 1 800 706 0907 ext 3031, Sean Warren.

The reason this is anonymous is because it is totally fabricated. If a customer chooses financing provided by Blue World Pools, Inc. a UCC-1 is required not on a cash sale whatsoever. Blue World Pools, Inc.

reviews this with the customer in a tape recorded interview the night of the sale. Blue World Pools, Inc. has sold and installed many many thousands of swimming pools since the company started. Blue World Pools, Inc.

is a family owned business and will do right by the customer. Customers , representatives, or anybody else that needs help please give me a call!


Just run away.....poor pay sorry management. Not once 3 appointments a day. Scam scam.

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