Be aware! This place is a rip off. Their sales practices are a joke, and their paperwork is very misleading. Do not trust them when you have a question concerning the paperwork and they call the main office. Regardless of what they tell you over the phone, once you sign the documents it's a binding contract. There are cancellation fees of 30% of the price of the pool and after a certain period the cancellation fee is the entire pool cost, not to mention there are documents which indicate that they will put a lien on your house as well as (cause you to lose your house and any money you have in it). I did not buy a pool from them. Luckily for me I am a contract manager and understood the language in the paperwork. This place is a joke and I wouldnt recommend them to anyone. I feel sorry for the people that sign without reading, the sales will talk to you non stop while you are going over the documents to distract you! They will not leave the paperwork for you to review either.......stay far far away. I made him leave.

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