Approximately 1 1/2 years ago, my wife and I were looking into buying a blue world pool. The same day we called, the salesman showed up with his barrage of sales tactics.

Our interest in the cheapest pool was suddenly one of the most expensive pools they had. He kept calling and calling some guy until the deal that THEY wanted was signed. Yes, we fell for it! We ended up giving all of our life information to them, had to give them a copy of our home mortgage and deed, and on top of that, a two hundred dollar check to show "good faith".

Well 20 minutes after this salesman left, we started getting this uneasy feeling about the whole thing and googled the company. We found that there were hundreds of complaints, even from former employees on a site that was called the "Bad Business Bureau". Needless to say, we were getting out of that deal. We had 72 hours from the signing of the contract to opt out.

But we couldn't get the salesman or the mystery man to answer their phones. The next day I was waiting at the bank door to get the check stopped. Well, since they had all of our information, we had to close our account and create a new one. We finally got in touch with the salesman and told him to tear up the check, and he told us that it was too late, he already mailed it to the office in Arizona.

We also had to notify them by letter to opt out. We ended up sending it by certified mail to 3 different addresses they went by. There is only 72 hours to opt out for a reason, right? 2 of the letters returned unsigned for.

The same day that we contacted the salesman to cancel our order, the mystery man called over and over to harrass me and get rude saying, " You said you wanted the pool, didn't you?- DIDN'T you?" Over and over he kept on. All I said to him was I was not interested in their product and after he got violent on the phone, I hung up. They also found a way to cash the check we gave them. From our NEW account!

We reported them for fraud to the two banks involved and thank God that we got out of the deal with them. Do not do business with Blue World Pools!!

They have also changed the name of their company several times.

Location: Augusta, Georgia

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