The Attorney Generals Office for North Carolina and Georgia have received documentation from reliable investigation sources charging Blue World Pools with Fraud and Forgery. Actual signatures compared to the one on the contract supplied by Blue World Pools, Inc. were determined to be a clear case of Forgery.

Blue World Pools, Inc. uses non licenced representatives and installers who violate the State and County Codes leaving the consumer holding the bag. Installers that were investigated have gone into hiding.

The reputation of Blue World Pools / H.I.P. nation wide is one of Deception and Fraud with 50 complaints on this site alone. There are hundreds in every state.

It is time for the Attorney General to stop them.

Stay Away from this company and alert authorities if they solicit your business

Investigating Deception & Fraud


Location: Miami, Florida

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A rip off from the word go.


Dang ! I have a appointment with Blue World Pools Monday.

It's June 2017. They said to get the 299 deal I had to listen to the salesman for 90 min. They said I had to prove I owned my land. They have paperwork for me to fill out.

I said all you have to do is call the court house or look it up on the Internet. He said that's just the way they do it. They don't ask for social security number. Just my drivers license to prove who I am.

Reading all these complaints has definitely scared me. I definitely will not lose my home for a pool. Or sign anything I don't understand. Not that I never have.

But I have been warned by reading this site for sure. I'm not sure if I'll even keep the appointment. All I want is the 299. Pool.

No financing or upgrades. Wow ! Sorry for everyone that has had a terrible dealing just for a pool for their families.

Can anyone tell me what their paymentsite were and why wasn't the total put in the contract. The contract is not legal if there's no amount for payments, total due, and interest to be charged.


Where is your proof? You are making accusations without any evidence.


I have proof of fraud. I'm a current salesman for them and they have us lie. I'm about to make things right.


Have you lie about what


I want to know how?


Thank you, they told me they were gonna take my home, and I did cancel In the first 3 days.. it's a gimmick.. and fraud and harassment..


Do u know how we can stop this or whoto call here mNY email jazzmenparra6@gmail.com


They did the same to us.. They took forever to put it one day we saw there was something wrong with it call them.

Took them forever so they were going to come fix it. One day we came home an the pool was gone.we call them never got back now we having mail saying they got a lend to our home.. it been 8 years an still having mail telling us the same we has try to call to do some kind of payment but the guy tell us off. Question have anyone yet had there home taking away?

This is so sad they do this an who can I call... if so plz email jazzmenparra6@gmail.com


here is an idea to stop these people lets all go to our news and have them report it o the news of how they are lieing and scamming people and trying to take over their homes as well


I agree.


yep here is my email cpoet 2007@YAHOO.COM


this has just happened to me i had no idea that that is what they wanted my deed for they said it was so then they knew who owned the house wanted my id as well just to prove that the pool was being put on my property and not someone else property well i stopped payment untill they give me the right filter i was promissed and they fix my pool none of which they have dont they did not get one payment and placed a lien on my property what gives them the right to do this they had me up till 3 am doing this whole pool thing the only way to get them out of my home was to buy a dam pool from them had an argument with my husband and future son in law that same night because i was so fustrated and finnaly said i have had enough and i dont want the dam thing so now im even poor pist


They hide and are deceptive. Looking for a loo wole in there contract do not do business with them.


Blueworldpools never has put no pool up and i have never paid them anything and never put on the paper how much the pool is really just a signed paper saying that they can put a ucc1 lien on your property i have no pool and never paid nothing to them how can they do that if no pool and dont no how much the pool is on the paper


Blue world pool forge my name on a deed of trust that was notarized without my knowledge know they have a lien on my property I don't know what's to do they won't come pick up,their pool


Reston, Virginia they done me the same way...it started off by the cheap add and then when it was all said and done no details about a lien but i sure got one at the end of it i realized it on my own...and they told me i was purchasing a pool for 10000 and then a few days later i received a phone call that i could get the upgraded version just as you got for another 5 thousand and so i said okay and then installation and all seem to be good and i loved the pool but the price tag at the end of this thing is ridiculous it costs as much as my house did when i purchased it...Blue World Pools is definitely NOT a company that i would ever fool with again for the simple fact as to they NEVER once mentions me paying 30,000 for an above ground pool...it is a *** company in my book i have already paid over 15000 and i still owe 14000 on it....buy local


I first saw the ad for a cheap pool for 399.00 also this is the bait and hook process they use. Then they came outband sold me a pool for 10,000.

A few weeks later they told me I could up grade to a bigger pool with all the luxury items for only 5000. More and would lower my interest so in the long run I would be making out with the cheaper intrest rate because I'd be paying the same in the long run with a lot less pool..so I was a sucker they got me. Then the installer came out by the time he left the so called two inches of sand in the bottom of the pool was *** it a quarter inch of sand was used I was lucky also my pool is 4 to 5 inches deeper on one side compaired to the other I've call and talke to the VP named Jim for two pool season's now and still haven't had my pool fixed I also sent emails of pis to him they so that the installer going to come back out and still not heard fro him... They also got me on the lien thing told me they needed a copy of my deed to make sure I was the home owner originaly ..

then come to find out they wanted that so they could put a lein on my property.

There was no talk about that except in there fine print they rushed u to sign on pool instaltion day... :( :( these people are a rip off...they got me don't let them get u..


:grin dont no what other peoples problems where i still love my pool; every onr we talked with from blue pool where very friendly


want to know what are problem is your the problem i bet anything you work for blue world pools and your just another liar someone they have posting good things about them which you know is a dam lie so save it not all of us could be lieing especially when we dont even know one another and the same things has happened to us all well if you think for one minute im not going to do something about this you are saddly mistaken we will see you in court

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