Do not sign anything with blie world pools. I had a sales man come to my house pouring down rain.

I said no over 10 times on buying a pool. He was the like 6 hoirs talking. I should of kicked him out but the christian i am i didnt. I was hungry and tired.

It was my only day off work and my family was just saying sign it just so he would leave. The rep said i had 3 days to cancel so i signed just to get him OUT. I cancel 3 times by phone and email. Come to find out he and the rep NEVER mentioned it had to be a written cancelation or a telegram.

Wel i would think emailing would be a written electronic cancelation. I dont know anything about no telegram. But now they say i have to give them 4,800 to cancel ot 9,000 and get the pool.

They got me good but they done me wrong for sure so when they say 3 days to cancel. Make sure u read fine print because they dont tell you the fine print.

Product or Service Mentioned: Blue World Pools Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Christian or not the salesman was trespassing once you told him no and that you weren't interested. You should have called the police and had him escorted off your property since he wouldn't leave without a signed contract.


The final telegram service shut down in 2013 ... always cancel anything and everything in writing and serve via Certified Mail return receipt requested - it's only a few bucks and you have an infallible legally admissible established timeline ; e-mails disappear like a puff of steam in the wind and telephone calls are as useful as talking to a brick.

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