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We bought the midline pool last year for just under 9000. We were told it came with a much better liner and parts.

First when they installed it, it's not level. One end will have water near the top. We got to use it 3 months. When it came time to *** the ionizer, we noticed it wasn't plumbed correct and you couldn't take it off.

They said they would send out an installer at the start of season in April. After several scheduled dates coming and going, the installer said he wasn't driving over here because he isn't paid mileage. Back to the drawing board. They FINALLY got an installer for this area and he came out and put on new pipe, problem is he ran it in a circle before entering the pool instead of straight, so now there's not enough pressure for the vacuum and fountain.

On the phone 3 days with different techs who told us different things but it came down to them saying it shouldn't be a problem, after telling us last year the pipe should run a straight line into the pool. Now we have a leak on the low side. There are no children in this household and nothing odd in the pool. Called them back about the so-called warranty and told they will send a patch kit but we have to fix it.

So this wonderful lifetime liner lasted one season and now leaks and they won't fix it. I wish we could get a class action going against them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Blue World Pools Swimming Pool Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Blue World Pools Pros: Pool itself.

Blue World Pools Cons: Trying to use the damned thing.

Store Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

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I worked for these scam artists. They will pull you credit without you knowing.

That is illegal. The operators are trained to get enough information when you call in on the ad to do this..Beware!

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