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We purchased the pool in 2005, paid 6000. cash.

Installation and performance has been great. However, the metal ledges are beginning to rust, one has been almost totally destroyed by corosion, caused by the salt and chlorine bleach. Blue World denies responsibility, referred us to Sharkline.com, as the actual warranter. They state they are not responsible for damage caused by chemicals used by the system for maintainance.

Kinda like being between a rock and a hard place hmmmm?

We are pursuing legal action against blue world, and will put the word out they are dishonest, underhanded, and out right liars. We questioned them closely regarding the "lifetime warranty" at time of purchase, we still have the original contract, it is still just paper, much like what you wipe with....

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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did you take legal action? what was the outcome?

Im having a similar issue.

except w/ mine they told me that the parts cost $1200 and that i would have to pay $700 and $250 for shipping. Life Time Warranty my ***

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