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Well surprisingly I recieved my pool 24ft by 52".Nice.

Anyway. When the installer came he made my parents sign a new contract? Why? That pool went from 9,000 dollars which was bogus to me in the first place.

To 31,000 dollars. HAHAHAHA. What the ***? I'm at my wits in but I'm still fighting the contract I still did everything I was suppossed to do.

I don't care if the pool is here or not. But They will bring that price down. It's funny after reading so many of these emails and post that they can come up with so many different prices. I don't care how your credit looks there's no reason for all this jump around.

I still sent my Information to Amy Sams in Jacksonville Fl. I suggest if anyone of you are in this same situation to get on it. I also filed with my own Consumer person in my area. Please please stick to your guns these people don't deserve to be in business.

Also, I read on their website that as of August 2nd they will no longer be soliciting their business. Who knows what their trying to do next another name change perhaps?

Well see good luck to us all.

Monetary Loss: $500.


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Is there a class action suit? We paid deposit two months ago but have gotten no pool yet!


Has anyone heard of a lawsuit against Blue World Pools? Like a class action suit? I'm just wondering how after all these years they are still in business?


The sales rep came to my house today.Looked like he slept in his clothing and was not very clean.

Thank God I did not buy a pool from these people.reading these reports has helped me decide not to call him back as I was thinking of doing.


I contacted Blue world pools live chat and asked about products they may sell to treat my pool as I would have order them off line.the chat lady said she did not know what chemicals I would need and discontinued the chat.

not even good by or I will check.

so looking on their website I called the 1500 number only to be told they do not send field inspecters out anymore to inspect the land you want the pool on and then the phone hung up just a to look further to find out they have a page set up to inform you about Maintance on a pool go figure should contact the chat lady back to inform her of information already on their site.


Hey when you see something like that on tv exspecially it say land owners only something is wrong. Buy a pool from someone in your area or another place close to you I see that advertizing all the time and I say something is wrong with that commercial and I myself went with Watson from Nashville Tn and very happy with them and there service. Blue World you should be ashamed exspecially in this day and time with our enconmony and everyone is working hard for there money and you all are just ripping the consumer shame on you I don't know how you all sleep at night.


WOW!This my second site that I have read about this company.

I was thinking about getting the pool for my kids. They are offering 15 by 24 for 299.00 in my area I seen it on T.V.

so I looked there site up.I then decided to check the reviews glad I did.

Thanks alot!


I totally agree steve.i did recieve a letter stating that they are being charged with theft and being audited or something.

this im hoping is the reward i've been waiting for!hopefully they are found out and put out of business and everyone who has been cheated gets refunded!!


sorry im still pissed we could have got the same pool at a local dealer


yes pool is nice but $15000 is a ripoff but they were the only ones that would finance us. but now we see why we got the same pool that a local dealer sales for $4800 installedand that $3000 inonizer can be bought for $299 and ferill is $99 not $169 plus shipping this was not said we were told to wash it out and put it back on next year NOT and we was tricked into that $5000 upgrade to. they start with lies and keep telling them and make sure installer tells the same ones to cover there but DONT BUY FROM THEM


:( 142,000 Complaints. Are all these people wrong? :(

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