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Before you purchase a pool especially from Blue World Pools do your homework. Go out in your state and check on pools and compare the difference of what you're going to pay.

I suggest that you also make sure that your warranty is covered and that blue Whirlpool give you something in writing stating that they are going to come out and be contractually obligated to service your pool. Make sure that you have a list of what is covered under warranty. Especially the pump because my pump has gone out twice and the pump is over $300. Talk to other pool companies about blue world pool make sure that you go and read any reviews and comments about blue world pool.

Don't sign anything ever. There is no doubt in my ex-military mind that the majority of some of these people who work there probably unable to get jobs anywhere else if you look at their professional careers.

I only have one other thing to say in that is if you purchase a pool from Blue world pool you will be sorry for the rest of your life and any good comment that you hear or read online are from people that blue world pool has big 2 go online and say something good about them. Save yourself the heartache and the pain walk away with the quickness and head 50 miles in every direction

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I purchased a pool from Blue World Pool 5 or 6 years ago and I'm here to tell you don't ever whatsoever purchase a pool from Blue World Pools. I had a Salesman come to my home with a contract and I say to you now don't ever sign anyting without reading it number one number two please no blue Whirlpool will hold a lien against your home or personal property.

They will harass your employers. In 23 years of serving this country in the military and as a disabled veteran I say to you do all honesty look around check other places out before you ever consider buying a pool from Blue World Pools. You will have to deal with that finance department and a person by the name of mr. Jackson who is a rude disrespectful *** hole.

You might as well get ready to know that when you want your pool service blue Whirlpool is not going to send anyone out to do that the only thing blue world pool is going to do is dig a big *** hold in your backyard and they're going to install the pool or have a subcontractor install the pool and call it a day. In 5 years I never received a birthday card a Christmas card a coupon or anything else from Blue world pool. However if you're late they are going to contact your employer and all the people that you listed on your reference sheet and constantly harassed them. Even after I hit totally paid blue Whirlpool off they took their time sending me my paperwork regarding my lien on my property..

and it took over 2 months to get my $40 we turn check for overpayment because if you *** someone off there especially mr.

Jackson and finance he is going to put your paperwork and anything that is coming back to you in a basket and you will never see it until he gets ready to send it to you that's call if you f with me I'll show you who's in charge. I I'm begging you that if you need to buy a pool please look elsewhere because the people that they have in a ministrative charge is not going to help you and if you want my phone number just contact me and I will show you a letter that they sent me after I had paid them off and if you look at this letter you will know blue Whirlpool does not give one bit about you

Product or Service Mentioned: Blue World Pools Customer Care.

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